Autotransfusion is a proven safe and effective blood conservation method for surgical patients. 
Autotransfusion allows a surgeon to collect and process a patient’s blood that is shed during and after surgery, and return it as a unit of packed, washed and filtered red blood cells suspended in normal saline.
Autotransfusion is often used in surgeries where there is a medium to high risk of significant blood loss. Autotransfusion is also advantageous for use in cases involving rare blood groups, a limited donor blood supply, or other medical situations for which the use of donor blood is contraindicated. 

Individuals with religious objections, who often refuse to accept donor blood, autologous pre-donated blood, and blood fractions, may accept the use of autotransfusion by means of a continuous closed circuit. Autotransfusion, when carefully explained to the patient, is often found to be acceptable by them.

Autotransfusion is used intraoperatively and postoperatively. Intraoperative autotransfusion refers to the recovery of blood shed during surgery, whereas postoperative autotransfusion refers to the recovery of blood shed after surgery through aspirated drainage.
Hemo Concepts has performed well over 70,000 autotransfusion procedures during the past 25 years without one adverse patient reaction. Autotransfusion is that safe!  

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